Lady Gaga, Usher, Bono To Celebrate Bill Clinton’s Charity Work At Hollywood Gig

Robbie Daw | September 13, 2011 12:42 pm

For the first time since they appeared (somewhat) together on the cover of Time‘s Most Influential People In The World issue last year, Lady Gaga and Bill Clinton are making headlines again. This time it’s for a special Hollywood Bowl gig being staged to celebrate the work the William J. Clinton Foundation — an organization Clinton founded after his presidency — has done over the past decade. The benefit concert will be broadcast live on Yahoo, and, aside from Gaga, also features Spider-Man maestros Bono and The Edge, plus Usher (as well as other artists who haven’t been announced yet) on the roster. The event goes down at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on October 15.

Clinton, who served two terms as President from 1993 to 2001, stated the following in a press release:

“I am proud that some of today’s most influential performers are coming together to raise awareness about the work of my Foundation. In the past decade, commitments to my Clinton Global Initiative have improved the lives of more than 300 million people around the world. We’ve lowered the cost of AIDS and HIV treatment, combated climate change, strengthened economies, increased access to education and healthcare, provided financing and mentoring for small businesses. This celebration marks ten years of these efforts and demonstrates how much we can do to make a difference in the years ahead.”

Let’s hope Mother Monster gets Bubba on his feet with a rousing rendition of “Government Hooker.”