Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse Share Smiles In “Body And Soul” Video

Robbie Daw | September 14, 2011 7:15 am

“I’d gladly surrender myself to you, body and soul,” Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse sing on “Body And Soul,” a track off Bennett’s upcoming Duets II (out September 20). And, despite the facts that a May-December romance between these two was highly unlikely and Winehouse sadly passed away in July, the emotional impact they hit you with is a powerful and believable one. Now the video for the duet has premiered on what would have been Amy’s 28th birthday. Watch below. In the clip, Tony and Amy stand at microphones in a darkened studio and deliver their lines while exchanging playful looks. All we can really do is let out a bittersweet sigh and wonder how the smiling woman in this video (which was shot in March, in London) is now gone.

At least this happy moment in time was captured in what is said to be the final music video Winehouse took part in.

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