#DrakeCriesWhen: The Ultimate Twitter Round-Up

Erika Brooks Adickman | September 14, 2011 11:03 am

Drake has been the center of Twitter’s attention this morning. This would be good news for the “Trust Issues” rapper, if only his name wasn’t attached to the trending topic: #DrakeCriesWhen. We’re not sure why or how Drizzy’s became the Internet’s punchline de jour, but we’ve been cracking up with the creative ways users have been tweeting about the “Free Spirit”. So, we’ve taken care of rounding up our favorite eight tweets about the fashionable DJ for your viewing pleasure.

@GrandadJFreeman #DrakeCriesWhen He realizes both of his eyebrows are “ON ONE”

@InkMonstarr #drakecrieswhen he looks around and realizes he didn’t know any of these people last year.

@__ButtaBall #drakecrieswhen He comes out of Marvin’s Room and gets Trapped in R.Kellys Closet”

@JDMStevie #DrakeCriesWhen they dont miss him a little when hes gone

@kingsleyyy #DrakeCriesWhen he’s in the studio and doesn’t have a Sprite.

@KGorospe #DrakeCriesWhen you don’t thank him at all.

@PYT_Kim #DrakeCriesWhen his drink aint purple or pink.

@SharonRomeo #drakecrieswhen I try to figure out who is Drake ?

By far and away our favorite tweet comes courtesy of Drake University, founded in 1881 and tweeting since 2007:

@DrakeUniversity #DrakeCriesWhen students don’t complete their reading assignments.

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