Florence + The Machine’s ‘Ceremonials’: Inspired By The Beatles, Bjork And Drake

Becky Bain | September 15, 2011 11:18 am

Florence + The Machine’s sophomore effort Ceremonials is but a few weeks from release — Halloween in the UK, and one day later in the US — and we’re getting properly excited about what the British songstress has in store for us this time around. We’ve already heard “Shake It Out” and “What The Water Gave Me”, but that’s nothing compared to NME, who scored a listen to more than half the album. Below, the three tracks we’re most anticipating thanks to the music publication’s write-up:

“Only If For The Night”: “Clearly the influence of Drake (who she has been collaborating with) has rubbed off here. The rapper’s down-home style plays a part as a harp interplays with a hip hop beat. It’s the first of a few tracks which feel expensive, and schooled in the US world of production.”Most Important Detail: So this is the outcome of the duo spending time together in the studio. There’s no mention of Drizzy actually on the track, though. Is it possible that we could ever get a rap remix of a Florence + The Machine song?

“Breaking Down”: “A plinky plonky clown rhythm opens this minor chord, Beatles-y nursery rhyme of a tune… the whole thing sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a spooky hallucinogenic sequence in a children’s film or something from Tears For Fears’ Sowing The Seeds Of Love album.”Most Important Detail: We’d love to hear what a “clown rhythm” sounds like.

“No Light, No Light”: “The most traditionally Florence-like track thus far. The harp, booming drums, and chanty chorus are all present and correct. “You want a revelation, so try a revolution,” she sings as the lyrics tell of a love gone awry. In fact, the whole thing feels like ‘Rabbit Heart’ done in a different key. Bjork comes to mind too, before a nifty little dubstep breakdown in the middle breaks the whole thing apart before it drifts back together again.”Most Important Detail: Apparently, Britney’s not the only one utilizing a dubstep breakdown in the middle of her songs.

Head on over to NME.com to discover what awaits you on a few more not-yet-revealed tracks from Ceremonials.