March To The “Beat” Of ‘Glee’ Season 3 Premiere Songs

Becky Bain | September 16, 2011 1:50 pm

Glee’s Season 3 premiere airs next week on September 20, and though the show is going through a variety of changes – more writers, less tribute episodes, and way less Trouty Lips – don’t count on the Fox hit to give up its cheesy, energetic covers. Jump below to hear New Directions’ take on The Go-Go’s hit “We Got The Beat” and “You Can’t Stop The Beat” from the musical Hairspray, both from the episode “The Purple Piano Project.” For some reason, this “Beat” theme does not include Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”.

“We Got The Beat” (The Go-Gos)

“You Can’t Stop The Beat” (Hairspray)

Listen to Glee covers of Tom Jones, other Broadway musicals and a Wizard Of Oz song that isn’t “Over The Rainbow” over at Vulture.

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