Jennifer Lopez’s “Papi” Video: Basically Another J.Lo Romantic Comedy

Becky Bain | September 19, 2011 10:32 am

Jennifer Lopez attempts to do two things with her new video for Love? single “Papi”: first, make herself more rateable by a creating comedic, tongue-in-cheek clip. And secondly, show people how extremely desirable she is by having hundreds of men literally fling themselves off buildings and crash through breakaway glass to win her affections. She’s like your best friend who is always gloating about how many dates she gets, that Jenny. Watch the music video equivalent of The Wedding Planner’s Break-Up Plan In Manhattan below.

The plot of the video is that J.Lo eats some mysterious love cookie, and the next morning, a mob of men are going cuckoo-bananas for her, chasing her all over the city. This is clearly a rejected concept for a Jennifer Lopez-starring romantic comedy. But does the absolutely gorgeous singer really need to eat an enchanted baked good for men to fall all over themselves for her?

Jennifer Lopez – “Papi”

Isn’t it always enjoyable watching a terrified woman in peril as hundreds of men are hunting her down?