Ne-Yo Teams Up With Trey Songz & T-Pain For “The Way You Move”

Becky Bain | September 19, 2011 3:00 pm

If we were to play “Boff, Marry, Kill” with the men featured on Ne-Yo’s syrupy new R&B song “The Way You Move” — that would be Trey Songz, T-Pain and the “One In A Million” singer himself, oozing out his sweet falsetto — we’d definitely choose to marry Ne-Yo. Unfortunately for our us, it appears somebody beat us to the punch, as the R&B star has announced that he’s engaged and expecting his second child with longtime girlfriend Monyetta Shaw. Lucky lady! Listen to “The Way You Move” below, and tell us who you’d “boff”, marry or kill in the comments. Tough call, isn’t it?

UPDATE: Looks like Ne-Yo isn’t really engaged (though he is expecting his second child). So… we still have a shot?

Ne-Yo feat. T-Pain & Trey Songz — “The Way You Move”

Ne-Yo’s lady isn’t the only one who likes the way he moves — the singer has been added to the lineup for the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales.

The slow-jam is slated to appear on DJ Boy Wonda’s mixtape, Tough Love.

[Via MTV Buzzworthy]