‘Glee’ Gets Spoofed By ‘Sesame Street’

Becky Bain | September 21, 2011 3:03 pm

If you had ever wondered what the cast of Glee would look like as actual puppets as opposed to Fox’s constantly performing puppets, here’s your chance! Sesame Street, who is on a tear of pop culture spoofs recently, parodied the hit show while teaching kids about the multiple sounds the letter G makes. (“G” as in “Glee” and “Gyrate”, as the puppet version of Quinn points out.) The impersonations of the cast are spot-on, though we don’t think Kurt is really that flaming on the show. Rachel, however, is just as demanding as her felt counterpart. Watch below!

They even got Mr. Schue’s butt chin right! But best of all, Sesame Street didn’t forget to include the bearded piano player who miraculously knows how to play every song the glee club spontaneously performs! Finally, he gets his due.

glee sesame street 2