RedOne Discusses Epic Lady Gaga And Cher Team-Up On “The Greatest Thing”

Idolator Staff | September 26, 2011 9:03 am

Just how did Cher get involved in a duet with Lady Gaga on the RedOne-produced “The Greatest Thing”? No, it wasn’t merely the collective prayers of thousands of fans of the two gay icons that made it so, but rather, a meeting between the mind-invading musician and the Burlesque diva during which he played the “Greatest Thing” demo and Cher instantly loved it. “She said, ‘This is my song,’ I said, ‘Yes, it’s your song,'” RedOne told MTV in a recent interview. (Clearly, when Cher claims a song as hers, you don’t argue.) Find out more about how our favorite bully-battling Fame Monster became involved below.

“[Gaga and I] recorded the song a few years ago, and we were always in the studio enjoying that song. It’s weird we never did anything with it,” RedOne explains. “So I remember my management and Cher’s management were trying to get us together, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’d love to meet Cher, just to meet her!’ And so I met her, I played her some songs, and I played her ‘The Greatest Thing,’ and she loved it.

“I cut the vocals with Cher first, and I was in Madrid and got a text from Gaga saying, ‘I’m thinking about jumping on the song in the remix.’ I was like, ‘No, you should jump on the original! Make it a duet.’ She said, ‘Oh yes, OK, absolutely,’ and then I spoke to Cher, and it became a party.”

Quite a party, indeed — one that we can’t wait for! And though the rumor mill told us we’d be getting “The Greatest Thing” come September, there are only a few days left to make that happen. Here’s to hopin’!

Read the full interview over at MTV.