Chris Brown Is Apparently “2 Young 2 Give A F*ck”

Becky Bain | September 26, 2011 10:35 am

We have no doubt that Chris Brown, at the tender age of 22, is “2 Young 2 Give A Fuck”, which is why he has no qualms naming his new song just that. We also believe Brown is 2 young 2 figure out what kind of artist he really is, as he continues to jump from electronic dance robot (“Beautiful People”), to pop star (“Next 2 You”), to sex fiend (“Spend It All”), to sensitive lover (“Open Road (I Love Her)”) to flippant mixtape-dropping hip-hop star (this song). It’s one thing to be diverse; it’s another to not even know what kind of music you want to be associated with. In any case, catch Breezy’s new song (with Bow Wow) below.

Chris Brown feat. Bow Wow — “2 Young 2 Give A Fuck”

No word on where this track will end up, but if it goes anywhere, it needs a whole lot more work, as it sounds like it was conceived and recording in about a half hour.

More entertaining was Brown’s show in Indianapolis last night, particularly when Breezy joined the Pop Star Tumble Club. For those who enjoy schadenfreude, jump to 3:09 to watch Breezy fall down while shimmying down a ramp.