Rihanna Causes Quite A Scene Shooting “We Found Love” In Ireland (PHOTOS)

Idolator Staff | September 27, 2011 11:23 am

What the hell is going on over there in the Emerald Isle? First Rihanna scandalized the locals by appearing scantily-clad — and, rumor has it, topless — in a field. And her arrival in the usually not-so-star-studded town of Bangor has already got its denizens in a tizzy. But none of that quite prepares us for the wild, untamed diva we’ve seen photographed today in the New Lodge area of Belfast, Northern Ireland, which depicts the South American tourist running, screaming, smoking, and flipping the bird numerous times, all in the company of a white vintage Pontiac Trans-Am. (At least we hope this is for a music video, or else Ri Ri has clearly lost it.)