Cher Lloyd And Mike Posner Pop Into Their “With Ur Love” Video

Idolator Staff | October 2, 2011 10:35 am

Is it just us, or does Cher Lloyd have a certain… X-factor? Okay, obviously it’s not just us, since she was a finalist on the UK X-Factor. But we had iffy feelings about the kinda catchy, kinda obnoxious, very-bizarrely-Mick-Jagger-referencing “Swagger Jagger.” (No, we still have no idea why having looks, swagger, or moves like the Rolling Stones frontman is suddenly such a boon.) However, we are happy to report that Cher Lloyd has improved musically and visually with the fun candy-colored, balloon-stuffed video for “With Ur Love,” featuring Mike Posner. So even if “Swagger Jagger” left you identifying more with Keith Richards, try giving Cher another shot below.

Are you into the “With Ur Love” video?