T.I. Lashes Out At Diddy For Throwing A (Non-Cîroc!) Drink At A Fan

Idolator Staff | October 2, 2011 11:59 am

T.I. may be fresh out of the slammer, but he wasn’t the hip hop heavy who caused a belligerent, egomaniacal scene following the BET Hip Hop Awards. No — that would be Diddy. At Atlanta’s Club Compound last night, the high-and-mighty Empress himself was apparently upset that not every single cocktail in the entire world is made with Cîroc, the vodka brand he sponsors. So, naturally, he knocked a Diddy-unapproved drink into the crowd with graceless talk that was not nearly as “smooth” as his Cîroc commercial. This resulted in a showdown with a peeved fan. Luckily, Tip was on hand to save the day — watch the scuffle below.

Following Diddy’s outrageous tirade, the “I’m Flexin'” rapper rightly informed Diddy that he has “too much money” to behave so boorishly, and people should be free to consume whatever libations what they choose. (We’re paraphrasing, of course.)

Well, Diddy certainly won’t be winning any Mr. Congeniality awards any time soon, will he? This is some of the most juvenile, self-entitled behavior we’ve seen from a major star in some time.

Seriously, Diddy? We’ll be drinking anything but Cîroc from now on, thank you.

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