Beyonce’s “Countdown” Video: Review Revue

Robbie Daw | October 7, 2011 10:18 am

Beyonce twirls through several decades, a diva’s closet’s worth of outfits and dozens of variations of herself in her video for 4 single “Countdown” — and all the while, she flashes her pearly whites at the camera. (Plus, how about the multitude of facial expressions?) So did Bey’s latest visual leave the critics smiling just as much as the songstress herself? Head below to see what the Internet at large though of the vid in our review roundup!

Beyonce Countdown music video 2
:: Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix asks, “Anyone else get a slightly Nicki Minaj-ish vibe from the close-up shots of Beyonce, wide-eyed and blinking against a white background?”

:: The Huffington Post quips, “She goes through costume changes like a baby does diapers, too, flashing colors, hairstyles and hats that would make Mary Quant proud.”

:: Says Pink Is The New Blog, “See, THIS is the exact reason why artists still make music videos despite the fact that no one really shows them on TV anymore. I am NOT a fan of this song … but I like it heaps better when paired with this fun video.”

:: The Washington Post notes, “Sporting a mod look and Audrey Hepburn bangs, the pregnant diva shakes and shimmies through a fast-paced array of costume changes and colorful sets. And yes, Beyonce does take a moment to show off her bump… In ‘Countdown,’ she proves she’s as fierce as ever.”

:: Rolling Stone also had plenty of praise: “Already one of the year’s most acclaimed pop singles, it will also go down as one of the year’s most stylish clips, though it didn’t pull any slick maneuvers to earn that distinction. It simply and skillfully employs an oft-overused term: ‘chic’.”

:: Consequence Of Sound echoed the sentiment: “The concept may be simple, but the intricate dance numbers (take that, Fred Astaire!) and split screen action make for an energetic cinematic affair with loads of modern swag and ’60s-inspired sass”

:: Jezebel asks, “Oh, sorry, did you have plans for the rest of today? Well you’re going to need to cancel them because you’ll be busy watching Beyonce’s new ‘Countdown’ video over and over again. That is how awesome and hypnotic it is.”

:: Total Bey stan Pop Trash Addicts raves, “The thread that holds the whole thing together is the sense of joy that Bey exudes in every frame. I don’t know if it’s impending motherhood or just the knowledge that she’s better than your faves, but this woman is seriously happy.”

:: Finally, Stereogum chimes in with this: “The day has finally come. Beyonce’s video for the best song on her sterling 4, and maybe even the best song of the whole damn year, has arrived after a torturous web-clock countdown… The clip was directed by Adria Petty, who is — yep — Tom Petty’s daughter.”

Enough of what the critics had to say — what do you think of Beyonce’s “Countdown” vid? Let us know below, or on Facebook and Twitter!