Joe Jonas Beams Into Chris Brown’s “Lighthouse”

Idolator Staff | October 8, 2011 10:16 am

We hope you weren’t expecting a slow, relaxing weekend — because here’s a little Fastlife coming at you. In the latest song from Joe Jonas’ speedy-living LP, the guido impersonator apparently abandons his desire to “See No More” by shedding light on a turbulent relationship gone sour. And if you feel a bit of a Chris Brown vibe beaming out from this track, that’s not an accident — ’cause guess who co-wrote the tune with Kevin McCall? Yep — Breezy! (Production provided by Hit-Boy, in case you were wondering.) Is it a seaworthy effort, or should it be dashed upon the rocks? Listen to “Lighthouse” below to find your way ashore.

The song’s got an unusual beat, and Breezy’s influence is very clearly felt in this melancholy jam (especially since he provides the background vocals). It kinda feels like the male R&B equivalent of “Skyscraper,” if a bit more produced — both tracks are named after buildings, after all!

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Joe Jonas – Lighthouse” dl=”0″]

Fastlife is out this Tuesday. Are you on board with “Lighthouse”?