Lil Wayne Opens Up About Past Problems With Sizzurp In New Video

Robbie Daw | October 11, 2011 8:34 am

Sipping sizzurp or “purple drank” may sound like a fun pastime in songs like Far East Movement’s “Like A G6,” but Tha Carter IV MC Lil Wayne is speaking out against the habit in a new video posted by TMZ (just one part of a 28-minute long “public service announcement” he shot following the death of Steve Jobs last week). Turns out Weezy had his own experience with the drug, which consists of cough syrup mixed with codeine and promethazine. Watch below. “I started drinking it because I’m from the south, New Orleans” Wayne says in the video clip. “We grew up on UGK and Ghetto Boys, and people been drinking syrup for years. That was where it was made popular.”

Weezy goes on to describe how he was influenced at an impressionable age by his rap heroes who imbibed the purple drank. “I’m human. Just like I was young and I watched Michael Jordan, game six, and you’re gonna go right into my driveway and shoot a round,” he explains. “Well, I was also young and listened to Pimp C and he’d say ‘we was drinkin’ that lean’… so I picked the cup up.”

Wayne says he soon realized that drinking sizzurp wasn’t a “cool” thing to do. (For the record, UGK member Pimp C — real name Chad Lamont Butler — died four years ago at age 33 in a hotel room after reportedly overdosing on the drug.)

At the end of the clip, the rapper picks up a bottle of prescription cough syrup, looks into the camera and says, “I don’t do this to be cool. I did this because I was sick.”

Do you think Lil Wayne’s speech against drinking sizzurp in this video was effective?