Kelly Rowland Lays All Over A Bunch Of Shirtless Men In “Lay It On Me” Video

Robbie Daw | October 12, 2011 7:11 am

You have to hand it to Kelly Rowland — she has the right mix of songs that are clicking with the US audience in 2011, and she’s looking sexier than ever. Case in point is her video for Here I Am single “Lay It On Me,” which finds the UK Cosmopolitan cover girl lounging around in a backless white number on the backs of the half-naked gentlemen surrounding her. See if you can handle Ms. Kelly’s latest clip below. There’s plenty of not-so-subtle imagery, such as when Kelly stretches out a Slinky and rubs it all over her body (kids, really don’t try this at home), and her co-star Susie The Elephant takes its trunk and, er, lays it on Rowland.

Perfect visual for a sexy song that picks up right where Kelly’s steamy summer hit “Motivation” left off.

Now let’s see if she can nab that Favorite Female Artist American Music Award in the Soul/R&B category away from fellow nominees Beyonce and Rihanna next month!