Drake Makes Us Proud With Surprise Guest Nicki Minaj On ‘SNL’

Idolator Staff | October 16, 2011 8:05 am

Drake promised us a “larger than life” Saturday Night Live performance, and we gotta hand it to the Canadian fame-walker — he delivered. Now, ordinarily, the Take Care rapper is more than enough to satisfy us on his own. Not only did he perform a rousing rendition of “Headlines,” but he also appeared in multiple sketches — once as himself in a hilarious “brief interview,” and again as a teen werewolf/bully (we know what Lady Gaga would say about that). But the real highlight of the evening? Drake bringing Nicki Minaj to the stage for “Make Me Proud,” of course! Be made proud of this awesome twosome (and catch Drake’s other appearances) below.

What say you? Did Drake deliver on his “larger than life” promises?