Beyonce Is A Boy Band Leader In “Love On Top” Video

Robbie Daw | October 17, 2011 8:31 am

A less-pregnant Beyonce boogies, shuffles and dances in sync with her male backup dancers in the visual for “Love On Top”, the fifth song off 4 to get an official video in the past five months. You can’t blame the girl for trying to rush along her latest album era before she’s bogged down with a baby, can you? Watch the simple but entertaining clip below. The buoyant, retro-’90s pop/R&B confection “Love On Top” has always stood out as a highlight from Bey’s 4, and so it’s nice to see the tune getting the single treatment…in Australia.

Here in the States, we’re still saddled with “Countdown” as the singer’s latest offering. Of course, with the Internet readily at our fingers, who pays attention to country borders with music any more?

Now grab four friends, stand straight up, click play and school yourself on Beyonce’s “Love On Top” moves.