Beyonce’s “Love On Top” Video: Review Revue

Robbie Daw | October 17, 2011 3:43 pm

A smiling and leggy Beyonce twirls through her “Love On Top” music video while backed by her very own boy band. The New Edition-esque visual serves to promote Bey’s latest Australian single, but, really, the upbeat clip has got tongues wagging all over the globe. Naturally we felt obligated round up some reviews. Head below to see what the Internet at large thought about Bey’s latest! :: The New York Post notes, “Beyonce’s new video, ‘Love on Top,’ feels like the male counterpoint to ‘Single Ladies.’ But even though Beyoncé is just one of the guys in the video, singing among five male backup dancers, she still shows off her famous curves in her trademark leotards.”

Beyonce Love On Top 1
:: The Washington Post hints at Beyonce’s habit of “borrowing”: “The video is an obvious homage to New Edition’s ‘If It Isn’t Love.’ What’s not clear is whether anyone in Bey’s camp contacted the band to let them know about the inspiration. Here we go again?”

:: EW Music Mix jokes, “Recently asked what was on her bucket list, she said, ‘I want to create a boy band.’ Well, now she’s got one, and there’s another member on the way.”

:: Grantland observes, “There’s something extra Stepfordish about Beyonce in this era, as if she got the final chips inserted and has become fully cybernetic, like Shania Twain did in the early aughts.”

:: BuzzSugar saw something they want: “It’s cute, a little more low key than her last few videos, but just as mesmerizing and stylish (where can I get that hat?).”

:: People was on board with Bey’s latest: “This time, there’s no visible belly on the singer, who’s due in February. But there are plenty of fingers snapping, fancy footwork, sexy back-up dancers, a skimpy leotard, a golden tuxedo and more key changes than you can count.”

:: Pink Is The New Blog was a bit lukewarm, however: “It’s simple and cute. It’s nothing spectacular and, to be honest, it’s not something that I think I need to watch a bunch of times but I can dig it.”

:: Finally, Bey stan Pop Trash Addicts raves, “So has Queen B delivered another era-defining visual masterpiece to assist her latest smash-in-waiting? The short answer is no. Has she dropped a fun clip that still slays your fave with its good-natured simplicity? Yep.”