Coldplay’s “Paradise” Video Is Full Of (Fake) Elephants: Watch Now

Idolator Staff | October 19, 2011 8:03 am

Remember that one time you saw Coldplay live in concert, and then during the encore the band came back on stage wearing elephant costumes? Coldplay’s “Paradise” video, off their October 24 full-length release Mylo Xyloto (see the full album lyrics over at DirectLyrics), finally explains what that was all about. You can watch it below.

So when we said “full of (fake) elephants” in the headline above, we meant, Chris Martin unicycling in a plush elephant suit! No really. Because the, uh, “plot” of the video is a sad elephant’s journey to find love and acceptance, i.e. Paradise. To get there he has to take many different modes of transportation: a plane, a train and a unicycle — obviously. When he finds what he’s looking for, among a “herd” of other plush, musical elephants, the group catapults to arena-rock success — and that’s where you came in. Everyone likes a happy ending!

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