Coldplay’s Chris Martin & Stephen Colbert Trade Comical Jabs

Robbie Daw | October 21, 2011 9:34 am

Before launching into performances of “Paradise” and “Up In Flames” on last night’s The Colbert Report, Coldplay’s Chris Martin sat down with Stephen Colbert for a bit of promo to support Mylo Xyloto (out next week), an album whose title is “Greek for Miley Cyrus,” according to the talk show host. The pair traded a few insults and barbs, including this one from Colbert, in reference to Martin’s wife: “You’re not an American. You come to our country and you took our Gwyneth. And you cannot begin to tell me that that is a job that an American didn’t want to do.” Both Coldplay and Colbert have won Grammys, which Martin makes light of during their conversation. “May I ask what your Grammy was for?” he asks the Colbert Report host. “It was for Best Christmas Album,” Colbert replies.

Chris jokes that he’s working on a Christmas album, which will be much better than the “conservative” commentator’s. That prompts this classy response: “Well, fuck you.”

Chris Martin’s Colbert Report interview

Coldplay — “Paradise” (on The Colbert Report)

Coldplay — “Up In Flames” (On The Colbert Report)