Scotty McCreery’s “The Trouble With Girls” Video Is Nice And Wholesome

Robbie Daw | October 24, 2011 7:13 am

Folks, if you’re looking for sex with mermaids, chemically-enhanced sex, sex with an outlaw or, heaven forbid, the slightest hint of a baby bump, you’re plum out of luck with Scotty McCreery’s “The Trouble With Girls” video. The cross-wearing American Idol crooner’s visual for his second Clear As Day single is as wholesome as apple pie or kissing grandma at a family picnic. And, yes, it even features the teen crooner doing what he does best (other than singing) — playing baseball at his high school. The premise is a simple one: Scotty and his pals meet up in the halls of their school and have a good old time. In fact, McCreery doesn’t seem to have much so-called trouble with the female set here, as there are plenty of pretty blondes surrounding him and his buddies throughout the clip.

The American Country Awards nominee appears to be particularly sweet on his lab partner in chemistry class. Will they finally end up together? Hell — er, heck (sorry, Scotty) — who’s to say? We’re too busy being distracted that “they’re the perfect drug and I can’t break free” line at the end of the song. (See the full lyrics for the single over at DirectLyrics.)

What a very un-Scotty-like metaphor.