Katy Perry Celebrates Her 27th Birthday By Throwing Cake On Her Fans

Becky Bain | October 25, 2011 3:08 pm

Today is Katy Perry’s 27th birthday, but don’t even think about giving her any baked goods! During a tour stop in Belfast yesterday, Katy Perry had a pleasant surprise waiting for her when the cast and crew of her California Dreams tour offered up a giant pink birthday cake. Katy, knowing how boring it would be for the audience to sit and watch her eat a piece of cake on stage, decided to make a more exciting and interactive experience by hurling the whole frosted mess into the crowd. It’s pretty funny — but also kind of a waste of a perfectly good cake.

Katy has no problem getting a little messy when celebrating her birthday — for her 25th b-day shindig, Perry through a painting party where all the guests wore white and doused each other with neon paint. Of course, those people knew what they were getting into, whereas the recipients of Katy’s pink birthday cake maybe weren’t counting on picking frosting out of their hair for the remainder of the night.