Justin Timberlake Plays Justin Timberlake Trivial Pursuit

Becky Bain | October 27, 2011 12:15 pm

There are plenty of Justin Timberlake stans out there who know everything about the pop star-turned-actor — maybe even more than the artist knows about himself. While promoting his new sci-fi thriller In Time on The Today Show, Timberlake played a personalized version of Trivial Pursuit, and was quizzed by Matt Lauer on different parts of his life and career. Touching on his N Sync days to his SNL hosting gigs, Lauer even tricked him into revealing the best possible area in LA to stalk him. (Thanks, Matt!) Find out how well JT did below.

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The questions, answers, and JT’s score:

Question: How many Emmy Awards do you have?Answer: Four.JT says: Four! A man never forgets about many awards he has.

Question: How many weeks did No Strings Attached spend on the Billboard charts?Answer: 82 weeksJT says: He has no idea. (We didn’t, either.)

Question: Finish the second line to the first verse of “Tearin’ Up My Heart.”Answer: “Things are getting out of hand / Trying too much but baby we can’t win.”JT says: Even with Matt Lauer’s help, he has no idea. In his defense, that song did come out 14 years ago.

Question: What year did you appear Star Search?Answer: 1992JT says: 92!

Question: Name two of your former Mickey Mouse Club co-stars.Answer: There’s plenty to choose from, but Justin names…JT says: Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. (We’re surprised he didn’t mention his “thug” Ryan Gosling.)

Question: How many times have you hosted Saturday Night Live?Answer: FourJT says: Four! With more to come, we’re sure.

Question: What’s your zip code?Answer: 90046JT says: 90046! (Ed. note — THAT IS MY ZIP CODE, TOO. We’re practically neighbors! I must lend him flour!)

Five out of seven correct — not too shabby! We just wish Matt Lauer had asked Timberlake when he’s going to release a new album again and forced an answer out of him. (“You don’t know when you’ll be dropping a new album? We’re sorry, JT, the correct answer is NOW.”)