Beyonce’s “Party” Video: Review Revue

Robbie Daw | October 27, 2011 1:19 pm

Look at that photo: it’s as if Beyonce is saying, “Who, me? Release my sixth music video in five months? Well, if you insist, lovey.” And that she did yesterday, as the backyard BBQ visual for 4 track “Party” hopped out of the trailer park and onto the Internet. Naturally, online critics had plenty to say, which led to us rounding up a sampling of the commentary. Read on! :: EW Music Mix brings up a good point: “Unlike ‘Countdown,’ there’s no visible baby bump in this vid, so I’m assuming it was shot mid-summer, which is when this really should have been put out. Releasing this track at the end of October seems like an odd choice, as the video involves a grillout and trailer-park pool party that would have sparkled mid-July.”

:: The Washington Post brands the “Party” video “a party you wish you were invited to” while noting, “Beyonce is unstoppable.”

:: The Prophet Blog, however, was glad his invite got lost in the mail: “Clearly shaken up by rival Rihanna’s recent crowning as Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive and the success of her critically-acclaimed smash “We Found Love”, the desperado makes sure that her huge funbags are on full display at all times, often bouncing and jiggling them to the song’s cheap production in pained cry for attention.”

Beyonce Party video 1
:: Pink Is The New Blog quips, “Now … all we have to do is wait for the inevitable proof that this video was ‘heavily inspired’ by some other artist and we can call it a day.”

:: The Huffington Post picks apart the array of outfits that appear in the clip while stating, “…while we’re loving the song, we’re also digging the carousel of fashion she flaunts throughout.”

:: Hardcore Bey stan Pop Trash Addicts doesn’t stray far from his usual praise: “Sometimes I think the most successful artist of the millennium over thinks things in the pursuit of excellence, so it’s nice for her to take a step back and deliver this rambling, yet incredibly enjoyable, mess. Which she directed herself. Respect.”

:: The Los Angeles Times also sees a diamond in the rough: “In a glorious mess of fanny packs, headpieces, blender drinks, dice-throwing and dance circles, Beyonce reminds us that even without elaborate choreography, high fashion or cinematic elements she brings one heck of a party.”

:: We’ll just end on this classy note, courtesy of Grantland: “The sudden release of all these music videos is to promote another DVD anthology, now a tradition for Bey that extends the life of the album and reminds fans that she remains the hardest-working human in show business. The DVD for 4 will provide the universe with many visual recordings of Beyonce’s amazing pregnancy boobs. Amen.”