Watch Madonna And Lourdes Bicker Over Fruit

Becky Bain | October 28, 2011 12:36 pm

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes filmed a promo video in order to discuss their search for the new face of their Material Girl clothing line, but ultimately end up bickering about how Madge hates fruit (along with hydrangeas) and how Lola disagrees with the modern day use of colloquialisms “totes magotes” and “whatevs”. We challenge you to watch this video from start to finish, because it’s almost unbearable to withstand Madonna’s attempt at improvisation. Tell us how long you made it in the comments!

It makes sense that Lourdes would be fine speaking to her pop star mother in such a bratty tone, since she’s probably the only person in the world not intimidated by Madonna.

[Via Towleroad]