Justin Bieber Flaunts His Love For Selena Gomez, Raw Fish And His Bat Car On ‘Leno’

Becky Bain | November 1, 2011 9:07 am

Consider this the beginning of the holiday season: Justin Bieber’s Under The Mistletoe is officially upon us. The drummer boy, sporting a new windswept hairdo, promoted his Christmas-themed album on The Tonight Show last night, but mostly promoted his real true loves: his “Batmobile” (aka his pimped-out Cadillac), his adoration for sushi (which he teaches Jay how to eat properly) and the Titanic-like efforts he’ll go to to impress his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Check out both parts to Justin and Jay’s chit-chat below.

As Bieber appeared on the show on Halloween, the two discussed Halloweens past. Apparently the last time Bieber went trick-or-treating was three years ago at the age of 14, and he was dressed like a clown. Oh, how things have changed.

Part 1

Part 2

[Via Neon Limelight]