Beyonce Is One Busy Bee For Halloween

Becky Bain | November 1, 2011 10:10 am

While some other pregnant pop personalities opt for scary maternity wear this Halloween, Beyonce opted for an adorable bee outfit while attending Kanye West’s costume party at Darby restaurant in New York City last night. (Chances the DJ at said party played Beyonce and Kanye’s “Party”? 100%.) Head below for one more pic of Bey-as-a-bee!

Even her shoes match! Well done, lady!


Of course, the evening’s host wore a costume, though we’re not positive what he was supposed to be. (If that’s a Michael Jackson costume, it’s pretty lazy. We expected more razzle dazzle from you, Yeezy!)

Now that we’ve seen Beyonce and Kanye’s costumes, tell us — which singer sported the best look this Halloween? Chris Colfer as a sea monkey, Lea Michele as the Swan Queen, or Bey’s sexy insect? Sound off below!