Rebecca Black “Friday” Documentary Hits The Web

Robbie Daw | November 3, 2011 7:50 am

As completely inane as the words “Rebecca Black documentary” look when strung together, the six-minute clip Jon Ronson whipped together about “a man who once posted a video on YouTube that achieved 200 million hits” — the man being Patrice Wilson, formerly of Ark Music Factory, and the video, of course, being Black’s “Friday” — is pretty compelling, despite Rebecca not appearing in it. But, hey — at least he got that girl in pink, Benni Cinkle! The three best bits from this Escape And Control video:

1. Wilson only agreeing to do the interview with Ronson after finding out Ronson would be appearing on Conan. Free publicity!

2. Wilson stating that it took him 30 minutes to write “Friday” (we would have guessed four), and asserting that there is “no song about Friday out there” (The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love” and The Easybeats’ “Friday On My Mind” clearly don’t exist in the land of Ark).

3. Wilson’s attempt to win Ronson over — and likely get a mention on Conan — by submitting a song to the journalist for him to rap on, that’s all about (you guessed it) being on Conan.

Sadly, Gawker notes the following: “Wilson’s rep emailed us a while ago that he was no longer with Ark Music Factory…”

And there go Benni Cinkle’s dreams.