Kelly Clarkson Knows It All: We Quiz Kelly On… Herself

Idolator Staff | November 4, 2011 10:40 am

As thrilling as its been to watch Kelly Clarkson re-take the pop stage with a hit album, it has been mildly annoying to see music critics try to reduce one of music’s most mind-blowing vocalists and most authentic talents to simply being a former American Idol contestant. Kelly’s decade-long career has included some remarkable achievements, triumphs and travails, and while she’s not one for wild wardrobe choices, she’s certainly much more than a TV contest winner. All of that, in fact, is why we thought it would be fun to quiz Kelly about… herself. Watch the “Mr. Know It All” belter dig deep into her memory in our trivia match-up below.

For a superstar who’s trying to juggle live performances, international travel and the rest, Kelly appeared to us to be surprisingly on her game as we tested her on her chart records, her dramatic roles, and even other singers who’ve covered Patti Griffin — and yes, one American Idol question. Could you keep all this straight?

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