Rebecca Black Is Back: Preview Her “POI” Video

Becky Bain | November 4, 2011 10:15 am

You didn’t really think we’d get rid of her that easily, right? Little Miss Friday Rebecca Black is teasing (or threatening, depending on your perspective) her new video for a song called “POI”. What is “POI” anyway? Is she referring to the Hawaiian word for the Polynesian staple food? Is this song about the Maori art of juggling a ball on a chord? Or is “POI” an acronym for something? All we know is that it’s “coming soon”. Prepares yourselves!

Rebecca Black – “POI” (Preview)

In the clip, we see go-karts, Chinese dragons, and Rebecca bobbing her head in front of bumper-cars. (Gravely missing: Benni Cinkle.) Why do we have a feeling the actual production of this song will be significantly less epic than this preview music suggests?

UPDATE: Apparently “POI” stands for “Person Of Interest”. We’re disappointed this song isn’t about Polynesian food after all.