Adam Lambert Slapped With Lawsuit

Becky Bain | November 7, 2011 3:48 pm

You’d think Adam Lambert would spend his Monday basking in the afterglow of performing with Queen at the MTV EMAs, but a new lawsuit may have already sullied this week for the pop star. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lambert is facing a lawsuit that alleges he was in violation when he appeared and competed on the eighth season of American Idol, as he was under a Music Services Agreement and a Co-publishing Agreement with a company called Colwel Platinum Entertainment.

Colwel Platinum is attempting to release an album of songs recorded by Lambert called Beg For Mercy. They claim at the time of the recordings (before and during his time on Idol) the singer had an operating agreement with one of its divisions called Welsford Music Productions, and that competing on the show was in violation of this agreement.

Representatives for Lambert sent takedown notices to to stop selling Beg For Mercy. On October 14, the LP was removed from the site. Now Colwel Platinum is suing Lambert for making a false claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Reps for Colwel said in a statement, “Upon information and belief, Lambert, through his authorized agent and representative, knowingly materially misrepresented to in the ‘takedown notice’ that Amazon’s promotion and sale of the Album infringe Lambert’s rights.”

The company is seeking declaratory relief that it owns a 50% publishing share of the recordings, that it has an unconditional right to promote and sell the recordings, that Lambert’s agreements and contracts with the company currently remain in effect.

Adam has yet to officially respond to the lawsuit, though he tweeted over the weekend: “Remember than in any dispute, reserve judgement until all the facts surface from ALL parties. Guilt and innocence come with a complete story.”

[Via THR]