Robyn’s “Hang With Me”: At Your Request

Erika Brooks Adickman | November 9, 2011 9:39 am

Your ears aren’t deceiving you: it’s time for another installment of At Your Request — the new video project where we turn ourselves into a drive-thru window for your daily musical nourishment — order what you like. The fun continues today with an Idolator reader whose love and devotion for the breathtaking Robyn knows no bounds. We can totally relate; we’d see her anywhere. (Even an airport terminal.). Pop the hatch, hit ignition and watch our response below, and submit your favorite tunes via Twitter (@Idolator, #AtYourRequest) now — tomorrow your song submission could be the life of the!

We have @zeecorster to thank for today’s request of Robyn’s sweet, rousing “Hang With Me”. Seeing as we already had our boogie shoes on, we opted for the Swedish songbird’s dancy, synthpop version, which was released as the first single on Body Talk Pt. 2. The track was written by the Swedish fembot‘s longtime producer and collaborator Klas Ahlund, who has been hanging with the pop pixie since 2005’s “Konichiwa Bitches” and “Cobrastyle”. While the 32-year-old gets our body talking, we sincerely apologize for not having even a tenth of her dance skills.

While we’re off in the corner of the Idolator headquarters dancing on our own, jump on your nearest social networking site (we suggestFacebook or Twitter) and hit us with your song requests.

Be sure to include the track title, artist name and a reason why you love your selection. We’ll look forward to your picks (with every heartbeat).