Taio Cruz Thinks Eggs, ‘Grand Theft Auto’ & Black Eyed Peas Are Dynamite: Favorites

Robbie Daw | November 15, 2011 1:13 pm

Favorites is our recurring video series on the personal preferences of the pop artists who inspire us. Because the artists we love love stuff too.

Taio Cruz‘s head is currently spinning from the hard-partying after-effects described in his dizzying single “Hangover”, so we figured that was the perfect time to put the him in our Favorites hot seat. And while we knew the British pop singer is adept at lighting things up like they’re dynamite, we had no clue that Ashton Kutcher, high heels and fancy bags played such a important role in his life. When discussing his favorite accessory, Taio admitted that he’s “probably worse than a woman in the amount of bags I have.”

Cruz also has quite a penchant for pop culture, especially when it comes to movies, TV series and cartoons. And we gotta feeling you’ve probably rocked your body to at least one of the tracks off his favorite album over the past year or two.

But rather than give too much away, let’s just dive into Taio’s Favorites!

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