Lady Gaga’s Workshop: Buy Your Super Expensive Gaga Goodies Now!

Becky Bain | November 11, 2011 5:08 pm

Lady Gaga is taking over Barney’s New York with a Gaga-ized workshop, filled with an assortment of goodies galore. Though the workshop opens November 21, the store’s pretty neat-looking website is up, encouraging visitors to explore the site by scrolling into the pop star’s mouth. There’s also an advent calendar of sorts, with each day featuring a new, extremely expensive Gaga product to buy. Let’s take a look at what’s for sale!

Item #1: a cookie with Lady Gaga’s face on it. (As well as her baby blue “Telephone” hat.)

gaga cookie

PRICE: $15 WORTH IT? A $15 cookie? We’d be hard pressed to buy a $15 pack of cookies, let alone just one. Though if you decide to buy it, forego eating it, and instead get some shellac and turn it into an ornament to hang on your tree.

Item #2: A 21″ black stiletto stocking.

PRICE: $65 WORTH IT?: Okay, this is pretty neat. It’s pricey, certainly, but at least it’s unique.

Item #3: Gaga’s Workshop yoyo that lights up when you play with it.

PRICE: $25 WORTH IT?: Would you spend any money on a yoyo? Pass.

Hey, don’t forget – there’s still nine more days worth of Gaga goodies yet to be unveiled! Hope all you little monsters have been saving up all year so you can splurge!