Brandy Previews Her Upcoming Album On Ustream With Sean Garrett

Idolator Staff | November 12, 2011 12:36 pm

It’s been quite some time since Brandy was a major player in the music scene — her last full-length output was 2008’s Human, which performed less-than-spectacularly on the charts. But all that is about to change — she hopes — with the 2012 release of her sixth studio album. The Dancing With The Stars diva recently popped up on the Timbaland track “808” to preface her comeback, and now she has released a lengthy Ustream chat with producer Sean Garrett in which she teases fans with new music. Head below to watch.

A snippet of a new Brandy song pops up around the 30-minute mark, and stick around to catch Brandy’s adorable eagerness to share the song’s hook (which Garrett nays):

Are you excited to hear what more Brandy has in store?