Britney Spears’ “Look Who’s Talking” Surfaces In Snippet Form

Idolator Staff | November 12, 2011 1:12 pm

What’s this? A cut from Britney Spears’ follow-up to Femme Fatale? Alas, no — the snippet of “Look Who’s Talking” that just surfaced on the internet hails from all the way back in 2009, and it won’t be popping up on any future Brit-Brit LPs because it was already gifted to K-Pop singer BoA (catch the music video here). “This song is all about me,” the unfortunately-dubbed diva sings in a silly (but catchy) song that, yes, is basically just nonsense: “Look who’s talking now, that’s what this song’s about — me!” Hear the snippet below.

“Look Who’s Talking” has its pleasures, but our verdict is that it’s bonus track quality at best, and we’ve experienced no great loss that it never made its way onto a Britney album.

Learn more about how “Look Who’s Talking” found its way to BoA over at PopDust.