Laurieann Gibson On Reported Lady Gaga Firing: “I Decided To Step Away”

Robbie Daw | November 17, 2011 1:39 pm

After a highly fruitful four-year professional partnership, Lady Gaga parted ways with creative director/famed choreographer Laurieann Gibson recently. Reported rumors had it that Gibson was given the axe by Mother Monster, though no official word was given — until now. Laurieann issued an official statement that was published by the The Hollywood Reporter today, stating that, rather than being fired, she decided it was time to step away. Gibson’s full statement:

“I am fulfilled with the work I have done with choreographing all of the iconic moves, creative directing the artist, appearances, shows, directing the tour, music videos, and the HBO Monster Ball, which was a culmination of my work as its creator and director. Recently, Lady Gaga was motivated to take the helm of the creative direction of her career and as such I decided to step away. I am extremely proud of her, and in stepping away I wish her all the best. I look forward to continuing my work with notable artists, as well as new artists that are part of my Interscope Records deal, and the upcoming seasons of my TV shows.”

Since parting ways with the Dance Scene star, Gaga gave one particularly garish performance of new single “Marry The Night”, on the UK version of The X Factor, that featured the singer in decapitated form, holding her own head in the crook of her arm. A symbolic gesture after the split, perhaps?

Gaga herself has remained quiet about the whole matter — and that may very well be the way it stays. In the spring, video director Joseph Kahn, who was originally attached to the visual for “The Edge Of Glory”, was dropped from the project without any official word from the singer.

What do you make of Laurieann’s statement, monsters? Was this an amicable split, or do you think there’s more than meets the eye that went on behind the scenes?