Rihanna Finds Love On ‘The X Factor’

Robbie Daw | November 18, 2011 7:12 am

During their performance on last night’s results episode of The X Factor, Rihanna and her flannel-wrapped dancers looked like they had set the time machine to “1992”, zipped through the space slipstream and raided Eddie Vedder’s closet just beforehand. Adding to the grunge aesthetic, RiRi belted out her current chart-topping single “We Found Love” while her on-stage entourage moshed and writhed around her.

That’s it — someone dig out our Doc Martins and hand us the shoe polish, because we’re heading to the record store to buy Talk That Talk on Monday. Only we’ll, like, need to borrow Rihanna’s time machine to find an actual record store. And, of course, if we do that, they won’t have Talk That Talk in stock because it won’t have been released yet.