Drake’s Bluewater Comics Cover Is Astoundingly Fine

Idolator Staff | November 19, 2011 1:17 pm

Poor Drake. Bluewater Comics has committed a number of sins against pop stardom, from depicting an only-recognizable-by-her-hand-heart Taylor Swift inexplicably kneeling in a forest to giving Beyonce a serious case of crazy eyes. That’s why we can’t help but be bummed that their latest attempt to make a musician’s rise to stardom seem as cheesy as humanly possible actually features a pretty decent representation of the artist in question, whose good looks and wide smile are nicely rendered here. Dammit, Bluewater! When you actually capture a celebrity’s likeness in your Fame series, it’s harder to make fun of them! See more after the jump.

“What makes Drake such a distinctive creative personality is that he’s not just one thing. His music encompasses hip-hop, rap, old-style rhythm and blues, soul and pop. And he’s somebody whose music is commercial enough that you can actually hear his music on the radio if you search long enough,” says the comic’s autho, Marc Shapiro, who also wrote the travesty dedicated to Selena Gomez.

Since the comic won’t be out until January 2012, only time can tell whether the content inside will be enough to land Bluewater on our “Pop Music’s Biggest Fails” list two years in a row.

For now, we’re just glad (and, okay, somewhat disappointed) that Drake hasn’t been illustrated with a mysterious liquid dripping down his face as some of Bluewater’s other victims did.