Adam Lambert Announces “Better Than I Know Myself” As Lead ‘Trespassing’ Single

Idolator Staff | November 19, 2011 1:39 pm

Adam Lambert, also known as the Nicest Guy On Twitter, has been pretty kind about keeping us posted on what’s happening with his new single. Originally intended to drop this month, the tune in question has been delayed — but today, Adam tweeted the track’s title: “Better Than I Know Myself.” It’s the lead single from his upcoming sophomore album Trespassing. And if you can’t wait long for a dose of Katy Perry’s Native American friend, be sure to tune into the AMA’s tomorrow night, where he’ll be presenting. See his tweet and production details below.

“Better Than I Know Myself will be my first single from Trespassing. I’m so excited!” Adam tweeted earlier today.

And with plenty of reason. It’s been crafted by a couple of hitmakers who’ve worked with Lambert before, including Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly (Jessie J’s “Price Tag”, Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”), who co-writer the lead single and title track from his debut, For Your Entertainment. A new collaboration from the same crew should be — to borrow a different track from FYE — a “sure-fire winner”, we’d imagine.

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