Ke$ha “U Better Know”: Demo For New Song Surfaces

Robbie Daw | November 21, 2011 7:52 am

It’s been a long time since Ke$ha has dazzled us with her rainbow laser guns and James Van Der Beek-bashing. But just when you thought all was getting quiet on the glitter-drenched pop front, along comes a demo for a what’s said to be a new song from the dollar sign diva. “U Better Know”, in this form, sounds like more of a pop-rock effort than the dance-leaning jams that populated Ke$ha’s last release, Cannibal. Give it a spin below. “You better know just what you came here for, yeah, you can’t intoxicate me, underestimate me anymore,” K-dolla sings on the “U Better Know” chorus.

Hmmm. We’re all for artists branching out and wanting to switch things up a bit. But “U Better Know” comes off as perhaps a bit too much of a departure from the slick dance-pop the masses have come to associate Ke$ha with.

Again, this is just a demo. And there’s no official word on whether the song will even get a release. Maybe she was just feeling inspired after hanging out with shock rocker Alice Cooper?

What do you think about “U Better Know”? Are you liking Ke$ha as spunky rocker chick? Or do you prefer her dance jams better? Let us know below!