American Music Awards 2011: The 6 Most Memorable Moments

Robbie Daw | November 21, 2011 9:18 am

Our heads are still spinning from the hefty amount of performances and sheer volume of party-rocking that went on during last night’s American Music Awards! In fact, there was so much pop mayhem to sift through that narrowing down six memorable moments was almost impossible. Still, we managed to suss out half-a-dozen highlights for you to check out. And, by all means, if you think we missed something, give us a shout in the comments below!


1. Justin Bieber dancing with LMFAO in yellow zebra print pants. Still in denial that “Party Rock Anthem” was the very definition of “zeitgeist” in 2011? Dynamic dance-pop duo LMFAO had the entire AMAs crowd on their feet, waving glow sticks and singing along during their finale. The world’s collective mind was blown when Justin Bieber emerged on stage in his classiest party rock threads — that would be a black tee with cut-off sleeves and zebra print jeans — and stomped around with wild abandon. Once again the Bieb proved that he’s a sly fox who always manages to be in on the joke.

2. David Hasselhoff stripping down to his boxers during LMFAO’s performance. The party-rockin’ didn’t stop the above song! LMFAO also mixed in their current Top 10 smash “Sexy And I Know It”, and brought the real Sexiest Man Alive on stage for their big finale — David Hasselhoff! (Sorry, Bradley Cooper.) The Hoff’s skivvies boasted a smiley face on the crotch and the words “don’t judge me” across his rear end. Like any one could ever…

3. Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera doing “Moves Like Jagger”. Sure, at this point we want to kick in the car stereo while wearing golf shoes every time “Moves Like Jagger” comes on the radio. (To be fair, we did enjoy the song the first 1,467 times we heard it.) But M5 and Xtina’s performance was electrically charged last night. And, you know what? It made us realize that we really miss seeing Aguilera singing up there on stage. Roll out The Voice Season 2, already.

4. Adam Lambert’s return to the AMAs stage. Okay, okay — Adam didn’t perform, exactly. In fact, he was simply charged with the task of introducing OneRepublic. Still, given the unnecessary media attention paid to his AMAs performance two years ago, the Glam One’s hilariously wink-wink quip (“Wow! Has is been two years already? Time flies.”) was delivered with just the right amount of tongue-in-cheekiness and Lambert sass.

5. Nicki Minaj’s robo-booty. Was Nicki supposed to be a Transformer? A battery? Were those speakers on her butt? Whatever was going on with her outfit during her performance with David Guetta, we couldn’t take our eyes off her “Super Bass” bottom.

6. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez jamming to “Super Bass” in the audience. These two besties played a big part in Minaj’s “Super Bass” becoming a huge hit (not to mention being chosen for a single release) when they rapped some of the lyrics during separate promotional appearances at the beginning of the year. So it was awesome to see the girls enjoying the fruits of their promotional labor while Nicki tore the stage up with the song.

Did we miss something? What were your favorite moments during last night’s American Music Awards? Hit up the comments below and let us know!