Sophia Grace Brownlee Meets Rihanna On ‘Ellen’, And It’s Predictably Adorable

Becky Bain | November 22, 2011 10:40 am

After “Princess” Sophia Grace Brownlee and her “hype girl” Rosie performed Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” on The Ellen Show, we were sure Ellen DeGeneres would get the soulful singer to meet the two British tykes, just like she did with Nicki Minaj. Instead, the host hooked up the two girls with a meet-and-greet with recent guest Rihanna. And it’s about as precious as you’d expect. Watch below.

Though the girls had to first go viral with their cover of “Super Bass” to meet Harajuku Barbie, Sophia Grace and Rosie didn’t even have to learn the words to “S&M” to meet RiRi!

“I said, when Rihanna picked me and Rosie up, she’s done well to pick me up – Rosie’s light, but I’m like a sack of potatoes!” cheerfully declares Sophia Grace.

“And I’m a teeny-weeny mouse,” adds Rosie.

Ellen also sent the two enthusiastic tots to interview celebrities on the red carpet of the American Music Awards. Our favorite reaction from Sophia Grace comes when she asks Taio Cruz to do a British accent. “I can do a British accent because I’m British.” (Long pause from Sophia.) “He’s English!”

Stop the search for Regis Philbin’s replacement. It’s gotta be Live! With Sophia Grace & Rosie & Kelly or nothing!