Lady Gaga’s Workshop: The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things For Sale

Becky Bain | November 22, 2011 4:23 pm

Lady Gaga’s holiday-themed Gaga’s Workshop opened today at Barney’s New York, and the store is a little monster’s fantasyland of Gagafied goodies, from candy to candles to leather jackets and beyond. Of course, we put an emphasis on “fantasy”, because they’ve got to be dreaming if they think any normal person can afford (or would even want) most of the bonkers items for sale. It was a difficult task, but we’ve rounded up the Top 10 most ridiculous products at the Workshop, with the list of items ascending in price (and overall ridiculousness).

#10. Motorcycle Gaga Ornament

Price: $25 WTF?: As one of the cheapest items in the store, we’re betting Gaga’s workshop will sell a ton of these. That doesn’t mean they aren’t hideous.

#9. Measuring Tape

Price: $28 WTF?: Why would you need this product? Why would they even sell this? Who requires tape measure this expensive or fashionable looking?

#8. Unicorn Stocking

Price: $65 WTF?: This stocking would be laughed off the mantel by the other stockings.

#7. Magnetic Greeting Cards

Price: $65 WTF?: No, this set doesn’t come with 6, 500 cards. Just six. They’re suggesting you buy six greeting cards for $65. They’re not made out of solid gold, either.

#6. Little Monster Toys

Price: $95 WTF?: Is this what Gaga thinks her fans look like? We’ll stick with the similar but much more affordable Ugly Dolls.

#5. Chocolate Gaga Shoe Cookie

Price: $95 WTF?: What’s more ridiculous than a $15 cookie? How about a $95 cookie?

#4. Gold Press-On Nails

Price: $225 WTF?: I spy with my little eye on these press-on nails: a gun, the statue of liberty, a unicorn, the Empire State Building, and a whole lot of tacky.

#3. Lace Sunglasses

Price: $295 WTF?: These would actually be pretty cool, if only you could actually see through them.

#2. Gaga Bust Candle

Price: $395 WTF?: Clearly spending nearly $400 on a candle is worth it as this particular candle “is designed to weep wax tears when lit.” Creepy and overpriced!

#1. Swarovski Tea Cup

Price: $695 WTF?: Tea for two, and two for tea? Not unless you shell out some serious cash for a couple of these diamond-encrusted teacups. Just make sure if you act like Gaga and schlep this expensive piece of silverware around town, you don’t drop it.

There are so, so many more ridiculous things for sale at Gaga’s Workshop. Go take a look for yourself!