Beyonce Goes Noir In “Dance For You” Video

Idolator Staff | November 25, 2011 9:14 am

It’s a rainy night as Beyonce enters her film-noir-style “Dance For You” video. Outside, a siren wails like a tired baby. And like any femme fatale in those old flicks, Beyonce’s nothing but trouble from the minute she walks through the door (and immediately starts to remove items of clothing). Over a boudoir-inspired beat by The-Dream, Beyonce proceeds to work her way toward her intended target — or is it victim? — a private eye sporting a fedora and tie. Is she packing heat like an oven door? Watch the Alan Ferguson-directed clip below.

As Beyonce videos go, “Dance For You” doesn’t compare to the spectacle of say, the “Run The World (Girls)” clip, but it is effective. Watch the tension build as B twirls across the office before shoving a stack of papers off the desk. It’s a mostly private dance — until all those other ladies show up.

If Beyonce walked into that office hoping to score a discount on the detective’s services, we certainly think she earned it. (And if you’d like to earn the video, it’s included on her Live At Roseland DVD, which you can win in our contest.) Let us know if “Dance For You” stacked up on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

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