Nicki Minaj And Cher Feud On Twitter

Idolator Staff | November 26, 2011 10:18 am

Black Friday was far from rosy Pink for Nicki Minaj, considering how Drake’s ideal woman had a scuffle with one of the biggest divas in music history on Twitter. When asked about her response to the “diss” in Nicki’s “Did It On ‘Em” (“If you could turn back time, Cher / You used to be here, now you’re gone, Nair”), the “Greatest Thing” singer replied, “Ive seen lots of people come & go! Nobiggie!” But apparently it was kind of a biggie, since Nicki fans rushed to her defense, including her maybe-beau Safaree, who tweeted: “yo @cher listen to the words b4 you say dumb sh*t on twitter… do you know what a rap metaphore is???” Read more below.

No stranger to fights involving Nicki, Safaree’s response was enough to get an apology out of Cher, who tweeted: “U R right ! Someone said I was dissed..I’ve been dissed b4,but instead of finding out I just got defensive ! I should know better.”

Nicki’s response? “@cher “#stopit5.”

Both divas have since deleted all the tweets, which seem to have caused a minor uproar over virtually nothing, since Nicki’s “Did It On ‘Em” lyric is hardly a diss, and Cher’s response wasn’t all that catty.

But for those who love a good Twitter battle, Rap-Up has the entire scuffle, pre-delete.

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