Beyonce Fires Back About Fake Pregnancy Rumor: “Oh Baby!”

Idolator Staff | November 26, 2011 11:07 am

Remember those silly rumors about Beyonce’s “fake” pregnancy? The classy Roseland Ballroom performer didn’t have much of a response (nor did she need one, as the delivery of an actual baby will more than speak for itself). Or did she? A recently leaked video, filmed way back in September when Bey was shooting her “Countdown” video, has the “Dance For You” diva responding to the ridiculous allegations by repeatedly shouting “Oh baby!” and rubbing her belly, with almost as many hilarious facial expressions as can be found in the actual video. Watch below — it’s pretty hilarious.

Apparently this reponse was shelved, since such outlandish rumors really didn’t dignify a response, anyway. But we’re glad Bey has a sense of humor about the situation.

And we’re awfully pleased that this video surfaced eventually, because we’ve watched Beyonce scream “Oh baby!” five times in a row and we still find it funny.