Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” Video: Review Revue

Becky Bain | December 2, 2011 11:07 am

When it comes to Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” video, it seems there’s only one thing everyone can agree on – it’s long. At 14 minutes, it’s Gaga’s longest video yet, and perhaps her most ambitious. But did all that ambition turn into a solid work of art, or did Gaga create a video as soggy as a Honey Nut Cheerios bath? Jump below and see if you agree with what the blogosphere is saying on Mama Monster’s mini-movie.

The Prophet Blog named the title of their review “Half Shit, Half Amazing”, which basically sums up their opinion of Gaga’s clip: “We’re forced to wade through eight minutes of terrible acting, cringeworthy voiceovers, and a laughably self-indulgent script that sounded like it was penned by a wealthy trust fund baby with an arts degree.” However, “Watching GaGa go wild amongst burning flames and trendy backup dancers is nothing less than absolutely thrilling. It’s like she finally stopped jacking Madonna and decided to revive the great dance videos of the eighties with an unofficial homage to Janet, Michael, and Paula.”

Vulture calls it “just as nuts as you would hope it to be” and describes it as “mostly self-aware silliness, stuff about quantum physics and finishing the painting of your life to avoid the holes of ugliness or whatever.”

MTV Buzzworthy looks a bit deeper into the video’s message: “Lady Gaga is not only telling her own story, but she’s dedicating ‘Marry The Night’ to anyone who’s ever tried to live their dream and failed.”

XO London writes out their review numerically, making 10 observations and points, including, “How much did this bloated self indulgence cost? And how is this video 13 minutes long and yet it still feels incomplete? There are huge gaps in the narrative, especially given the glimpses of visuals in the final minute. This is a VIDEO, Gaga, show us, don’t tell us.”

Spin couldn’t get past Gaga’s self-indulgence: referencing the “interminable introduction” they say, “It’s hard to tell where Gaga is winking at us and where she’s simply fallen into a foxhole of unrestrained ego.”

Consequence Of Sound notes that “The video is the clearest amalgamation of every notion and emotional artifact that makes up the Gaga beast: fashion, unrelenting sex appeal, innocence, creative expression, and tube tops.”

MTV adds that Bedazzled Gaga looks pretty familiar: “Gaga is very reminiscent of Desperately Seeking Susan-era Madonna in this scene.”

NME says that Gaga sounds like “a lobotomized Carrie Bradshaw” during the introduction, in which she namechecks fashion designers. Otherwise, “It’s definitely an improvement on ‘Judas’, but could it maybe have been snipped a bit to make it shorter?”

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